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Our development work is commercial-grade and involves one or more elements of a digital health solution (i.e., apps, smart devices, wireless connectivity and cloud backend) or entire end-to-end solutions.  Customers may specify their development platform of choice or use our InnoNOWTM Digital Health Plug-and-Play Platform



We are here to help you get started with your digital health exploration.  Opportunity Definition is a focused study of one or more of these needs

     Understanding → developing an understanding of a topic

     Discovering → uncovering specific business opportunities

     Illuminating → defining the application requirements

     Defining → detailing the solution specifications

The latter two may be necessary when substantive work remains to translate a framed idea into a well-defined product development plan.  Opportunity Definition projects usually take 4-12 weeks, depending on the scope of work.


Digital Health AnatomyWe support our customers by developing end-to-end digital health solutions or any subsets of the elements thereof.  The elements comprising the anatomy of a digital health solution include


     Smart Devices

     Wireless Connectivity

     Cloud Services

Our solutions are developed based on commercial-scale considerations.  As a result, we can provide a seamless progression from development to launch. Quality assurance is central to our work, as are acquisition and ownership cost optimization.  We are rigorous regarding

     Testing and verification

     Privacy and security

     Scalability and reliability

Solutions involving medical products require FDA regulatory compliance, which we provide as a support service.

Product development projects are based on phases that have prescribed objectives, deliverables, milestones, timetable and pricing—enabling go/no-go decisions.


We also help our customers with their internal and third-party developments by providing our expertise and capabilities.  Our FDA regulatory compliance support may be part of a product development project by us or on a standalone basis for projects by others.

      FDA regulatory compliance → planning, pilot and clinical studies, agency meetings and submissions.

      Consulting → designing solution architecture and integration plan

      Project management → managing customer projects resourced internally and/or with third parties