We are process-oriented and use internally-developed processes derived from a combination of our experiences and accepted best practices. Our style is communicative, inquisitive and intellectually honest. We approach our work with a mindset of driving innovation and an attitude of collaboration.


Our multidisciplinary team searches for the intersection of user needs, solution requirements and technology capabilities in developing a solution. In other words, we endeavor to look at problems from different perspectives to arrive at an effective and efficient solution. Given the various elements of a digital health solution, the seams of the solution is a central concern. As such, having digital health, software, hardware and regulatory affairs expertise in-house is critically enabling.

Our approach to problem-solving is based on a combination of design and systems thinking in order to make connections that are not obvious. Design and system thinking lend themselves well to digital health. Design thinking puts the user/patient at the center of the design process. Systems thinking helps anticipate the unexpected; it also orients us to consider the longer-term implications of the solutions we develop today. Our goal is to develop solutions that can be evolved with the need, rather than have to be scrapped for a fresh version. In other words, we endeavor to imagine the roadmap for maintaining and advancing the solutions developed today.



We approach project planning in phases. Each phase has prescribed objectives, deliverables, milestones, timetable and pricing—enabling go/no-go decisions. These decision points are designed to manage risks inherent to an innovation project.

Projects may be well defined or not, simple or complex. We can help our customers cost-effectively get started in developing the solution requirements with an Opportunity Definition, which defines each phase. Complex problems by their nature often require the development and application of new ideas and concepts, introducing opportunity and risk. Communication is the key to success so we address any unanticipated opportunities and risks promptly.