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Top 3 Approaches to Digital Health Innovation

Updated: Jul 16

Generally speaking, there are three basic approaches to digital health innovations: app driven, sensing driven, and service driven. In other words, there is either a novel app, a new sensing capability or an innovative service. Innovations may also combine these approaches, for example, to solve more complex needs, enhance differentiation, rationalize higher prices, and increase barriers to entry.

Tables1 outlines the basic approaches to app-driven innovations in digital health.Tables 2 and 3 do the same for sensing- and service-driven innovations. In the case of sensing approach, the sensors maybe in the phone or in a separate device, often referred to as a “smart” device.Such smart devices incorporate connectivity—wired or wireless—to facilitate transmission of the measured data. Innovations enabled by such smart devices need not be exclusive to also using a phone’s embedded sensors for additional capability.

Table I: App-Driven Digital Health Innovation

Table 2: Sensing-Driven Digital Health Innovation

Table 3: Service-Driven Digital Health Innovation

It is important to point out that in all approaches, there is a need to address. The approaches to the solution often require innovation in one or more areas. A given need may require a measurement capability that does not exist, necessitating innovation in sensing. There may be an opportunity for a new service, not readily and/or conveniently available. Finally, an innovation may be in the form of an app; a growth area in this respect is digital therapeutics, wherein an app can be a prescribed medication.


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