Digital Health Awakening


During our journey into the future, there are inflection points along the way that have a great impact on our path forward. As we adapt to the new realities influenced by this pandemic, our perspectives and focus change, which is leading to a Digital Health awakening.

Technology has increasingly impacted our lives by enabling greater convenience, putting endless information at our fingertips as well as advising us with vast connected knowledge. The speed of technologies we are familiar with in our everyday lives has seen a slower pace of implementation in healthcare. Wearables, apps, voice assistants, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are increasingly ubiquitous. However, integration into healthcare has been challenging for a variety of reasons. First, it is a complex and challenging endeavor. A wide variety of stakeholders with differing priorities challenge the alignment necessary to move forward. There is a natural resistance to change by incumbent methods and systems. However, the pressure to change has been mounting with the emergence of consumerism in healthcare. As technologies mature and we become more comfortable with integrating them into our daily lives, barriers to effective adoption when applied to health and wellness fall away. Naturally, patients desire to be central to their healthcare and synchronize general wellness with overall health, as well as the information necessary to make educated choices in collaboration with their provider. Digital Health solutions can make this a reality, improve outcomes, and achieve efficiencies that all stakeholders seek. Enabling virtual, connected, and convenient management of high quality healthcare into our daily lives.

The stage had already been set for a great digital transformation of healthcare over the next 5-10 years and the arrival of this pandemic has provided a catalyst for rapid deployment of health technologies such as telehealth that were eagerly awaiting greater adoption. Over the past couple of months, the appetite for new solutions has dramatically increased and stakeholders are in better alignment than ever before. Furthermore, the pandemic impact will result in the acceleration of this digital transformation. Stakeholders that have been waiting on the sidelines are now thrust into implementing their Digital Health strategy with this accelerated timeline or be left behind while proactive adopters achieve greater efficiencies and better outcomes for the patients they serve.

As we face the challenges of today, Digital Health can be increasingly leveraged to pave the way for our journey into a bright and healthy future that is just the beginning. With added capabilities from AR, VR, and 5G, new solutions will leverage this massive influx of data with machine learning and AI into smarter choices that benefit all stakeholders and our healthcare will forever be changed.

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