Multidisciplanry team


QuantaEd Solutions, LLC is an offspring of QuantaEd, LLC founded in 2012 by Mehran Mehregany.  Our headquarters is in San Diego, California.  We have a business development and regulatory support arm in Cleveland, Ohio.  We have an offshore development center in Hyderabad, India.  Our U.S. operations focus on technology, productization, regulatory compliance, project management and customer service.  Our India center focuses on technology development and product implementation.

We are geographically planned to tap top-quality resources at affordable rates.  Southern California is known for its significant wireless communications, medical devices, life sciences and health care industries.  Northeast Ohio is also known for its medical device, materials science and health care industries.  Hyderabad is known for having a tremendous talent pool, making it a destination city for technology businesses.



Mehran MehreganyMehran Mehregany, Ph.D., is our Chief Executive Officer and Founder.  He has founded, financed and managed a number of technology startups since 1990, while a faculty at Case Western Reserve University.  He is a visionary of ‘open innovation’ and founder of NineSigma, Inc., a leading provider of open innovation solutions.  He served as the founding EVP Engineering of West Health Institute from 2009 to 2010 to build its engineering group and launch its initial product developments.  He has received ~$50 million in research and development funding in academia and industry, has 400+ publications describing his work, holds 30+ patents and is the recipient of a number of awards and honors.  He is the editor of "Wireless Health: Remaking of Medicine by Pervasive Technologies" and author of "Innovation for Engineers" books.


Brad BoggsBrad Boggs is our Chief Business Officer and lead for customer engagement, identification of new business opportunities and business strategy execution.  Before coming to us, he was at the Advanced Platform Technology Center of the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, where he managed novel biomedical research and medical device developments.  Prior to the VA, his work focused on sensors and microfabrication.  Brad is an innovative leader with strong backgrounds in research, development and productization in medical and aerospace industries, including related FDA and FAA regulatory requirements.  He is highly skilled in leading cross-functional teams and works with the technical and operational teams to deliver a great customer experience.  Brad has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering.


Ashwini PullabhatlaAshwini Pullabhatla is our Chief Operating Officer and also brings a tremendous technical background to her position.  Ashwini has experience in hardware, firmware and software development, as well as their integration into end-to-end solutions.  She oversees the development, integration and advancement of our core competencies, including our InnoNOW™ Digital Health Plug-and-Play Platform.  She is responsible for planning and managing internal and customer projects, including creating cross-functional teams and coordinating their efforts.  Ashwini manages our India development center, working directly with the team there.  She has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a digital health focus, as part of which she studied a range of graduate courses in digital health technology, applications and practice.


Jennifer WallsJennifer Wall is our Chief Regulatory Officer and lead for regulatory affairs.  Before coming to us, she directed the regulatory affairs for the Advanced Platform Technology Center of the Louis Stockes VA Medical Center for 9 years.  She worked with a transdisciplinary collaboration that included over 53 scientists and clinical investigators committed to the design, prototyping, clinical evaluation, and production of novel medical devices and diagnostics devices.  She interacted almost daily with regulators including those with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Defense (DoD), other authoritative bodies, strategic partners, and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs).  She prepared and managed all of the Center's regulatory applications and reports earning 100% FDA approval/acceptance.